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Do you know how many Indie Rock bands there are in the world? Yeah, I don’t think that, collectively, we have enough fingers and toes to count them all. One that’s been around long enough to count however, is the Idaho-based band Built to Spill. They formed back in the early ’90s out of another alt-rock band, Treepeople. The song Car is off their 1994 album, There’s Nothing Wrong with Love, which Pitchfork.com ranked as the 24th best album of the ’90s.

This video was created by a YouTuber by the name of themodestmouse (no, not the band) and it’s made up of a ton of Library of Congress footage that does a good job of matching the song for tone and has a bunch of cool old cars in it. Check it all out after the jump. 


Source: YouTube

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