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This Thursday being the anniversary of our independence, this week in the U.S. we’re feeling even prouder and more imperious than normal about this great nation of ours. And one big way in which we like to show off our national pride is Bob Seger.

There are a few entertainers out there who so succinctly encapsulate the idolized American dream simply in their voice, but Michigan native Seger has – for decades now – held that honor. Here he is singing about those American traditions – small town kids, cool old cars, and perfecting your own night moves at that most American of venues, the Drive-In.

Check it out after the jump, and perhaps you’ll hear all that in Seger’s voice. Regardless, this is anawesome song, one Segar’s best, and it makes me want to hold up both my tiny flag and my lighter.


Source: YouTube

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3 responses to “Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video”

  1. craigsu Avatar

    Is that Matt LeBlanc checking out the black-haired beauty at the concession stand?

    1. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      Not only is that Matt LeBlanc, but the black-haired beauty is Daphne Zuniga from The Sure Thing.

      1. craigsu Avatar

        I thought it might be Carolyn McCormick who played Minuet on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Riker's holographic love interest.

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