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You know who likes car rides more than even you? That’s right, dogs do. Whether it’s the heady rush of all those new smells, the panoply of sights, or just the opportunity to let their floppy jowls flap in the wind, most of the world’s crotch-sniffing fuzz-butts love riding in cars. 

This week’s music video, which is by Keith Hopkin, celebrates this canine joie de vivre and is set to the tune California by Phantom Planet- used with that band’s permission. Go Cam’d throughout beautiful Southern California (and past the same Beverly Hills Bugatti Jerry Seinfeld  notes in the first episode of his web series), it’s hard to say which is more fun to watch, the scenery or all the happy dogs. You can decide for yourself, after the jump.

[vimeo width=”720″ height=”514″]https://vimeo.com/41325185[/vimeo]

Source: Vimeo 

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2 responses to “Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video”

  1. engineerd Avatar

    I'm a crazy dog man. This is awesome.

  2. MattC Avatar

    I couldn't help but smile watching that video. It truly seems like dogs are most blissful being able to ride on a vehicle.

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