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SpeedRacerSponge copy

On the TV show Seinfeld, there was a famous episode about Elaine not being able to obtain her favorite contraceptive sponges. That made making the ones she had count, and she would gauge potential suiters by their “sponge worthiness.” Well, we all know that Speed Racer would have been sponge worthy, after all he’s a demon on wheels.

He was also apparently worthy of the band Sponge, who knocked out a cover of the Speed Racer theme song for the 1995 album, Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits. Check it out after the jump and see if you think it’s Speed worthy.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngilTl56-Gs[/youtube]

Source: [YouTube]

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4 responses to “Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video”

  1. dculberson Avatar

    I always think of Keoki when I think of Speed Racer "covers."
    Should I be ashamed to admit that I still like this song? It's hiilarious.

  2. vroomsocko Avatar

    I've always enjoyed Ghostface Killah's use of Speed Racer.
    [youtube d4itgf0Gha8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4itgf0Gha8 youtube]

  3. longrooffan Avatar

    It's interesting, well at least to me. In 1967-68 when Speed Racer was introduced to the US market, it was totally off my radar screen. I'm not sure what thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan were doing back then. Probably riding around in the back of my brother's M38A1 Jeep. I first became aware of Speed Racer after first seeing a 1:18 diecast back in the mid 90's. Even then I had to ask around as to what it was. Even today, it does nothing for me.
    I guess I lived a rather deprived childhood.

  4. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    I have this CD somewhere… somewhere. Well worth the $3 or so I paid for it used.

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