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Monday Music Video04_02_13

Whether you call their music Industrial, Death Metal, or Thrash Rock, there’s just something warm and fuzzy about the band Fear Factory. Maybe it’s because, over their various permutations, the LA-based rockers have contended for the title of fattest heavy metalers on the planet. This video is Fear Factory doing what may seem impossible, making ’80s one-hit wonder Gary Numan seem even creepier than in his heyday with the cover of his song Cars.

Hello Numan, after the jump.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lERqGULWxs[/youtube]



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2 responses to “Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    For whatever reason, "In Cars" always brings to mind "Fast Cars" by The Buzzcocks.
    WARNING: Pro-Ralph Nader lyrics ahead; as well as pixelated video of the same corner of a race track with a few veteran racers going 'round and 'round.
    [youtube lGO1PJVMJ7g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGO1PJVMJ7g youtube]

  2. craigsu Avatar

    I actually prefer this cover to the original. That's pretty rare for me. The only other cover/remix I can think of offhand that I prefer over the original is DJ Sammy's version of the Bryan Adams song Heaven.

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