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Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 2.37.24 PM The ’70s was the heyday of the car-sploitation movie. These were drive-in fodder that offered plenty of spills and thrills and usually cops dumber than a sock drawer. One of the most famous of these is 1974’s Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, which was based on the 1963 novel by Richard Unekis entitled The Chase. What makes this movie a cut above the usual distraction from your popcorn and fooling around was its stars- Peter Fonda, and Susan George, both of whom had become typecast as icons of the counter culture by the time this movie hit the screens. Directed by John Hough, who would later go on to direct the Disney classic Escape to Witch Mountain, the film is about a pair of NASCAR wannabes (Fonda and Adam Roarke) who mastermind a grocery store heist which involves kidnapping the manager’s wife. They then take off with Fonda’s one-night stand in the backseat of their souped up Impala. The OCD Sheriff, played by Vic Morrow, won’t take this sitting down and pursues the trio with everything he’s got, including a Bell Jet Ranger. Fonda, George, and Roarke ditch the Impala for an even faster set of wheels as they are late to catch a train. The rest is.. well, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.


Sadly, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry doesn’t seem to be available online in any manner at all.

Source: YouTube

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