HooniMerch is ALIVE!


Ok folks… we have just launched HooniMerch ver 1.0.
At the top of this page you will see a new tab which will take you to some gear for sale. We will continue to pack this space with more items, new designs, and greater products for you – our loyal readers.
PLEASE provide any and all feedback for this store as it is a work in progress…
(next step of course, are Coat of Arms shirts – the designs are incredible and Dr. Canada will have more info very soon)


  1. I wanted to call the store "Hoon Ornaments" (get it? Hood Ornaments? Anyone?) but I got voted down.
    And by "voted down", I mean that Braff is bigger than me.

  2. OK, just curious here, because I did check out what you have to offer….
    Seems as if i can get a Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt with round logo for $16.90, or a Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt with round logo for $19.40.
    What am I missing?

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