If you’re old enough to remember seeing SVT Lightnings on the road, you’re also old enough to remember seeing ratty bootleg clones of SVT Lightnings. Cloning one wasn’t very hard to do. Find a knockoff Lightning bumper for a hundred bucks on eBay and maybe consider painting it. Get the chrome taillights from your local AutoZone and the shiniest chrome side pipe from the next aisle over. Then just cut the springs and you’ve basically got a Lightning that nobody will ever be suspicious of.

The lads at Hoonigan put just a little more effort than that into theirs. The project that I suppose is officially called Lord Frightening or Faux Lightning was born out of a need for a shop truck. Most people will just grab an ex-rental Ranger or Frontier off an auction lot for something like this. Hoonigan instead chose to find the most beat up single cab short bed F-150 imaginable and turn it into a Fast & Furious-inspired, JDM-infused race truck… that can also haul parts. They collaborated with Cody Walker, brother of Paul Walker, to build their own version of the Racer’s Edge Lightning from the first movie. You know the one.

They have a highly entertaining four-part build series up on YouTube which wrapped up today. Part four gives a brief overview of the condition of the truck when they began and what all has been done to it since. But today’s finished product just looks absolutely killer. It’s a very unusual mashup of parts but somehow it just works. It’s one of the more interesting projects I’ve seen recently and reminds me of how great a sport truck can be. Check out the video below for the [almost] end result but I recommend the whole series. Part one is available here as well.

And that intro shot is just *kisses fingers in Italian*.