Hoonicast #10: Pardon Our Dust We Were En-Raptured Edition

You’ll have to forgive the delay in getting this latest installment of the Hoonicast up. You see, we all sold our belongings, quit our jobs, and gathered in Chicago to be transported up to meet our maker. I awoke naked except for a t-shirt that said “I Went to the Rapture and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.” Needless, to say Hoonicast #10 was as topical as it was irreverent.
Our special guest this week is freelancer, Thunderdrome instigator and bona fide bendy-bus owner Ben Wojdyla! Click on through and take a listen, won’t ya, sinner?

Click the empty pants above or this link to listen to the Hoonicast. You can also right-click and “save as,” or look for the Hoonicast on iTunes!
In Episode #10, Jim plays a rather nebulous game about the unique attributes of cars, we all give Jake really awful car advice, and then we proceed to become totally confused about what was supposed to happen this weekend with that End of the World thing. We might have talked about other things, but frankly, I still can’t find my pants and you can only type so long with your this type of overventilation of your lower quarters. Keep a jaundiced eye out in a couple of weeks (hopefully?) for another edition of the Hoonicast, if the world lasts that long.


  1. Re: VW Phaeton, isn't that basically same as Bentley, they were built in the same fancy factory even, at least in the beginning?
    Quality should be better than usual VW level. Ooh, and all this crazy engineering.
    Or what about CPOs:
    2008 Acura RL (AWD)
    Mitsu Lancer Evo (too ricer-ish?)
    Audi A3 quattro

  2. Jake, get a Saab 9-7X Aero. It is 4WD with the 390HP LS-2 engine. Or get a Corvette, no/very little steel so no rust, traction control and a rear weight bias should be fine.

  3. Jim's game might work better backwards. "What was the last carbureted car sold in the US and UK markets?" only has one answer, "What is the defining feature of the 1994 Subaru Justy?" is baffling and nebulous.

  4. I was amazed during the discussion with Jake that nobody suggested the Buick Regal GS. Then I remembered that 1) GM wimped out on giving it AWD, and 2) It's gonna cost a bit more than $30K.
    But FWD w/Hyperstruts has got to come close, and an available 6-speed manual means that I'll suggest it now.

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