Having a project vehicle that you truly enjoy driving is a wonderful thing. Case in point; my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero. It’s a joy to drive. Even though it’s slow as dirt. It can go anywhere. I love how it looks. And now I’ve just recently upgraded it with much better suspension.

But am I putting too much into this thing?

I know already that the answer is yes. Still, I don’t see myself selling this one anytime soon. This Montero is going to stick around for a bit, so I should make it as enjoyable as possible, right? Certainly there’s a limit to this. Or at least there should be, considering I’m not some wealthy dude. There are no aspirations of turning this into some kind of Icon-like build. I want to be able to beat on my Montero, and have it respond with a smile. And so far it’s doing just that.

That also means a $3,500 truck is no longer a $3,500 truck. At least on paper.

Do you have any stories of spending too much on a project car? Share your adventures in the comments below.