Harbor Freight has new jack stands and they look beefy as hell

You know it’s going to cause people to have very different opinions when the subject matter involves jack stands and Harbor Freight. But the affordable tool supplier has three fresh options in its lineup, and I have to say they all look pretty great. The new stands are part of the Daytona line of gear, which Harbor Freight calls its pro-grade gear. And there’s an option to hold up pretty much any project you’re working on, even if that includes project buses or RVs.

The most affordable of the group is the Daytona 3-Ton Jack Stand. These ones are sold in pairs and include circular pads on top. You can remove those if you like, as well. The price is $89.99 for a set. That’s pretty damn good for 6,000 pounds of support power.

Next is the Daytona 12-Ton Heavy Duty Ratcheting stands. These ones can hold up to 24,000 pounds and also utilize a double-locking pin for a bit more peace of mind. The lifting range is 19-3/4″ to 29-3/8″. These are sold in pairs as well, and the retail price is $149.99.

Finally, the truly beefy boys of the group are the Daytona 22-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands with Locking Pin. These are rated to support 44,000 pounds. So if you’re wrenching on the local school bus, you should be good to go. Each stands weighs nearly 76 pounds and sits on an 11″ wide base. You could probably put part of your house on one if you needed to. That’s way more support than you’ll likely need unless you’re an actual heavy-duty vehicle mechanic. Still, they’re well priced at $189.99 for the pair.

Any of these make sense for your garage? Do you trust a jack stand from Harbor Freight? Do you have a need for the 22-Ton stands, and if you do, I want to know what you’re working on!

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2 responses to “Harbor Freight has new jack stands and they look beefy as hell”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i have a single Esco jack stand with the pin style design and a big fat rubber pad on top instead of the tiny steel cup. it probably make no difference in the big picture but i feel much better putting my car down on it. all jack stands should have giant pads and pins to hold the arm up.

    too bad it’s like $60 for a single one or else i’d have a full set. i’m not worried about safety with the others, i just hate denting the chassis.

    1. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      somehow i totally skipped over that first set of Daytonas! exactly like that. i will be purchasing at least one of that set. thanks for the heads up, hooniverse.

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