Happy Birthday 100 MPH


This olelongrooffan sometimes gets some grief from my fellow Hoons about my writing style and my references to things in the third person. One of the things I refer to is the town in which I live, Ormond Beach, Florida. I refer to it as the Birthplace of Speed.

Today is a special event here in the Birthplace of Speed. On January 31, 1905, an automobile reached and exceeded 100 miles per hour for the first time ever. That feat was accomplished down on the beach in in Ormond Beach, Florida. Yes, 100 MPH on the beach.

Before the Bonneville Salt Flats became the site for Land Speed Record attempts, automakers and individual, daredevil auto pioneers flocked to the sand at Ormond Beach, Florida to demonstrate their cars speed.

Ransom Olds, Henry Ford and Alexander Winton, tested their inventions at the beach. The American Automobile Association brought timing equipment in 1903, and the area acquired the nickname “The Birthplace of Speed

G. W. Bitzer, who became D. W. Griffith’s cameraman was sent to Florida by the Biograph studios to record the race in 1905. He set his camera up to get the direct approach, some overhead shots and mostly from the vantage point of the crowd on the beach.


Thanks to Kate Sullivan over at hemmings blog for sharing this.

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13 responses to “Happy Birthday 100 MPH”

  1. stigshift Avatar

    It's nice to hear something about Florida that doesn't make me ashamed to live here. Speed and hoonage without meth and/or nudity. I KNEW it was possible…

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Me too, stigshift, me too.

  2. MVEilenstein Avatar

    "This olelongrooffan sometimes gets some grief from my fellow Hoons about my writing style and my references to things in the third person."
    Screw 'em.

    1. Number_Six Avatar

      Yep, screw 'em.

    2. Alcology Avatar

      I don't know what I enjoy more, loongroofs writing style, or this sentence in nearly every post. For some reason I actually laugh at loud at this!

  3. racer139 Avatar

    Bring back that syle of writing.PLEEEAAASSSEEEE.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      I miss it too.

  4. HycoSpeed Avatar

    Happy 108th 100 mph! I wanna go fast!

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      I think an appropriate birthday salute would be a celebratory stretch of WOT acceleration. I didn't get out to drive today, but I will tomorrow, so I'm going to belatedly punch it for the anniversary of the triple digit barrier (I don't plan on exceeding triple digits, mind you, it's a bit of a bad idea in a Wrangler ;).

      1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
        mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        It was a good idea in those vehicles? Here's to bad ideas!

  5. Newport Pagnell Avatar
    Newport Pagnell

    Just need to mention the original hoon,Glenn Curtiss who rode a V-8 powered motorcycle to 136 mph in 1907,on the beach. He held the LSR for 11 years.

  6. Bill H Avatar
    Bill H

    I live in Holly Hill right next to OB , and have lived in Ormond in the past. Always a lot of pride about the Birthplace deal.
    As a kid , it was always neat to see the old Ormond Garage everyday ,wherein many of the historic cars were housed during their
    time attempting records. Later , the beach high speed runs morphed into the Century Club etc , and were moved down on
    the south peninsula , called the Measured Mile. I got to see a few as a kid.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Bill…drop me a line..we are neighbors…longrooffan@aol.com…I sell trailers for Robin Hanger at US1 and 10th street in HH. Seriously, I am sure you have a ton of great stories I would love to hear.

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