I’ve had these BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires on for more than 30,000 miles now. They have been really great for all their intents and purposes. The traction in all conditions is great, they are wearing evenly, and at that mileage there is still a lot of life left in them. One thing that has annoyed me was the white letters turning dark.

No matter how many times I’d wash the car and use tire cleaning sprays, they would just stay dark. I friend recently suggested a home remedy for brining those white letters back to life. While skeptical at first, I tried it. And to my surprise – it has worked brilliantly!

sos brillo tires white tires

My friend’s suggestion was to use Brillo pads, or S.O.S. pads that most of us have in our kitchens. After washing the car, I took the pad, wet it slightly, and went over the tire letters. Instantly, a layer of dark dirt came off the letters revealing a bright white shine, almost as if someone just painted them.

It took about two minutes to go over all the letters on each tire. I was rushing it, too. With a little more time and patience, the result could have been a lot better. Once you’ve gone over all the letters, rinse off the blue cleaning solution that came out of the pod with water.

After four days, the white letters still remained white. Perhaps they’re not like new but they are certainly better than they were. Most importantly, this was done quickly and did not require a trip to the store or ordering or a “tire whitening kit” of some kind. It’s a quick and easy hack that gives great results.