Guy Drifts Two BMWs Simultaneously

2 bimmer

From the Dumbest Things To Do With Cars Ever comes this.

I don’t even…

[Source: YouTube | Thanks for the tip, Mike!]


  1. Was this on the street, I'd be the first to call him a moron. But not only is it off the street, the dude's all geared up.
    So, IZM's complaint department is off duty, and I find myself giggling, and wondering if I could pull that off.
    The answer's no, I couldn't. But I'd sure smile a lot while I tried.

  2. When your family is in the tire industry… Guy running after the car to get into it again is a priceless sight though.

    1. Step 1: remove power steering making the car much more difficult to turn.
      Step 2: start car and turn wheel
      Step 3: brick on gas pedal
      Step 4: uhhhh… this is normally where I'd say Profit but this is just ridiculous.

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