Great Moments in Advertising: 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

The Ninja-dissing TV ad Honda used to launch its brand new 600 Hurricane in 1987 was so skillfully executed that I’ve clearly recalled it for 23 years. While going through some old VHS tapes last week, I stumbled across a copy of it.

The 30-second spot managed to do the near-impossible: comparative selling that doesn’t really doesn’t do anything to highlight the competition. This ad cleverly plays on the perception that Kawasaki’s current bike was the bike to beat, while simultaneously making it clear their new bike intended to kick Kawasaki right in the Ninja.

GO HERE to view the video if the YouTube link dies.

Tanshanomi is Japanese [単車のみ] for "motorcycle(s) only." Though primarily tasked with creating two-wheel oriented content for Hooniverse, Pete is a lover of all sorts of motorized vehicles.


  1. How sinister!
    I remember when the Ninja first came out. My buddies and I all drooled when we saw one go down the road by our playground.

  2. Nope, that's the very first EX500 (NOT "500 Ninja" at the time) to land in America. Photo was taken at the 1987 dealer convention in Anaheim.

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