Great LeMons Starter Volvo for $1,000

1968 Volvo 142 Lemons race car
Interested in getting started in LeMons? A good first step would be to buy an ancient American land yacht or hopeless Porsche to start with. Wait, no. The best way to get started in LeMons is to hitch a ride as an “arrive-and-drive” to see if it’s really for you. Suppose you failed to learn your lesson then, and instead want a bigger piece of the misery pie in the form of your own car. You could start with any number of hopeless craigslist or eBay finds, but buying an already-built car could definitely save a bundle of cash. As we know all too well, previous owner mods go back at half-price on any project car, LeMons included. As we also know, previous owner mods can be done properly or, well, not. Buying a car with a cage that’ll fail tech is a great way to screw yourself.
It ran one race at Sonoma sometime in 2015 (judging by the livery on Eyesore in that picture), so the cage is definitely up to current spec. It’s been sitting since then, will need some motor work and other minor sorting
Here’s what Steve, the seller has to say:

This car was built for LeMons and competed in one event at Sonoma. The next day my wife found out she was pregnant and since then I haven’t had the time to focus on it. The guys who ran it with me don’t have interest in the car and at this point I’d like to just recoup some build funds.
The car was running great in the Sonoma event but some bolts in the flywheel/crank failed and our day ended. The other major thing we were noticing was that the brake system could be flushed better, there was a bit of pull to the right on hard braking. As far as I can remember there were no other major issues.
1968 volvo 142 24 hours of lemons race car
The purchase comes with the following:
  • 1968 Volvo 142s 2 door coupe – built and ready to go for Lemons racing. Very nicely built roll cage, see pics.
  • Volvo Omega wheels with barely used tires.
  • B18 engine – needs to have a few bolts drilled out from the crankshaft/flywheel – not in the car.
  • B23 engine – purchased to do a swap, not in the car.
  • 2 x m40 transmission – one is original from the car, the other is rebuilt by Chumpcar team General Leif.
  • Extra drive shaft.
  • Set of front calipers from a later model Volvo I was planning to swap in.
  • Other odds and ends from the build.
Seen in the pictures but NOT included are the following:
  • Fire system tank
  • Racing seat
Drop him an email here if you’re interested.

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5 responses to “Great LeMons Starter Volvo for $1,000”

  1. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    How do the BS inspection rules work for this, seeing as it’s $1k. Do you pretend like you built it, and list off the original build costs and purchase price? Or do you bend over and accept penalty laps for costing >$500?

    1. oldcarjunkie Avatar

      I suspect on paper you buy a $250 Volvo and a $750 pre-installed cage,

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Or a 50$ Volvo, a 450$ cage, and 500$ worth of mirrors, by the looks of it.
        Seems like a fantastic deal to me either way.

    2. mad_science Avatar

      Price is $500 excluding safety and driver stuff.
      My cage cost $2k to begin with, so at $1k this thing’s practically free when you add cage, wheels, tires, brakes, and fire system.
      Also, you show up with a stock 1968 Volvo and you’re pretty much guaranteed class C, zero laps.

  2. Ross Ballot Avatar
    Ross Ballot

    I’m guessing it’s located in CA? I’d love to get a couple friends in on this and scoop it up, but gas would probably cost us 2x the price of the car alone
    Edit: and it would make our MR2 that much sadder

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