Goodwood gives 5 reasons why they love James Hunt

Goodwood plans to celebrate James Hunt’s F1 championship title, which he earned 40 years ago. Before it does, the ode to all things amazing and automotive has compiled a quick video highlighting five things that it loves about Hunt the Shunt.
It’s a quick watch but, just like the man himself, it’s quite entertaining.

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  1. JayP Avatar

    Need more of this- not just F1 but Nascar could use some character too.

    1. StephaneDumas Avatar

      +1, and not only F1 and Nascar but also the SCCA, WRC, 24 Hours of LeMans, Paris-Dakar rally, etc…

      1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
        Jeff Glucker

        race car drivers have mostly become corporate robots unfortunately…

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