Hooniverse Asks: What’s a good gift for someone who just bought their first new car?

A good friend of mine owns a small business. One of his long time employees, and actually a good friend, just bought her first new car. It’s a Kia Sportage and it’s perfect for this young lady. Surprisingly, it came from the dealer with WeatherTech floor mats and roof rack cross bars. It even has a factory remote start.

Now, the friend/employer wants to get her a gift for this new car and he asked me for advice. I’m not great at gift ideas though, so I’m turning to you for help.What’s a good “new car” gift for someone?

It shouldn’t be pricey. Nor should it not need professional installation. What makes a good gift here?


  1. I have a mental list. A WeatherTech cargo mat is great if they don’t have an OEM mat and it’s a hatchback or crossover. I also like getting people aluminum oil filler caps – generic colored billet aluminium or really nice Mishimoto caps (especially if they have a Subaru or other Japanese brand). Kias are compatible with Honda oil filler caps, as Hyundai also uses Honda-compatible caps. Here’s a good generic Honda cap:

    And I also get them embroidered polyester/acrylic seat belt pads, like these. They pretty much exist for every brand. Maybe back seat only, but I’ve had recipients tell me they love the pads for themselves in the front seats as well:

      1. Yikes! First of all, this ad is way too long. Second, did they at all consider safety? This is why people wear a belt. It should sit tight.

  2. This is a gift as funny as it is stupid, it is non-committing, and actually quite entertaining to use…occasionally:


    Never owned one myself, but I have given it to 2-3 fresh car owners and it was always worth a giggle.

    1. Duct tape, bailing wire, tool kit, drip tray to avoid staining your friend’s driveway when you visit…

        1. Typically the ones who have no more than one car per driver, and they can fit their entire fleet in the garage because they don’t have to store any parts cars or spare engines. All their cars are still within the warranty period, and manufactured by brands with a reputation for reliability.

          1. [goes down checklist]
            Hmm. I’ve neither parts cars nor spare engines. I should get on that.

          2. You parked the Challenger for the winter while you daily the Ram. That’s outside the spirit of the “no more than one car per driver” rule, even if you’re there on some technicality.

          3. No, even my friends with only one car in the garage and so forth still have a big oil spot in the driveway, right where I always… Oh.

  3. An emergency kit and instructions in how to change a flat tire and use jumper cables. Alternatively a dashcam

  4. On a related note , my summer job in high school was cleaning up new Fords fresh off the truck and prepping them , the dealer showed me how much is lost the first year with a new car. So I have never had a new car.

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