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Lucky Riders Lede

Are there any real bikers any more? You know, the bearded, near-septic types of dudes who once populated the pages of Easyriders and In The Wind?  Today, if you were to visit one of the traditional biker hangouts, like say Malibu Canyon’s The Rock Store, you’re much more likely to come across Italian rides than American iron, so much so they might want to rename the place the duck farm. Still, there are those keeping the spirit alive, and one of those groups is Tennessee’s Lucky Riders vintage motorcycle club.

Not only do the Lucky Riders maintain the riding of vintage iron, but they were nice enough to document a recent long trek outing. From Lucky Rider Matt on the Imogene + Willie blog:

[T]his past October, 7 “brothers” of mine and i ventured out on pre 1950′s motorcycles to escape, relax and unwind.  after months of dreaming and planning, the Lucky Riders rode out from Liepers Fork, Tennessee all the way to Maggie Valley, North Carolina and back.  in the first few miles of the trip we realized that this journey would change our lives, and bring close friends even closer.

Check out the trip and all the awesome iron. And remember, for every mile of road, there’s two mile of ditch.


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