Gene Haas is taking over Formula 1

If you didn’t see the photo this morning, Gene Haas appears to be Photoshopped into the 2021 Haas F1 team photo. Elizabeth Blackstock over at Jalopnik documented the bizarre scenario well.

Gene looks very excited not to be there.

If you look closely, there’s a problem with American owner Gene Haas. No, not the many, many millions he’s pumped into a perennially losing F1 team, something else.

No, it’s the fact that Gene wasn’t there. Someone copied Guenther Steiner, the perennially F-bombing team principal of the Haas Formula One Team and stuck Gene’s head on there. They removed Gene’s watch because that would have totally given it away. I tracked down original picture (far right) from Haas’ Twitter page. Same photo, they just toned down Gene’s hair.

I decided Gene needed to do a bit more…

We are all Gene Haas. Except Guenther, he’s F’ing Guenther.

He also visited RedBull for their team photo.

He stopped by Mercedes too, but Hamilton is the GOAT and Toto scares me, so I left them alone.

He was even at the inauguration!

Bernie came by the Haas garage as well, makes sense.

I should stop day drinking. Follow my Twitter account for more craziness.

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One response to “Gene Haas is taking over Formula 1”

  1. William Byrd Avatar
    William Byrd

    This may be the best piece of automotive journalism I’ve ever created. Thanks Haas, and good luck this weekend…

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