Gas Nozzles- How the Heck Do They Work?

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Do you pump your own gas, or do you live in New Jersey? Actually Oregon also thinks that the average motorist is too stupid to pump their own gas, which actually is a good way to both add jobs to the economy and keep people from using the gas nozzles as super soakers. Speaking of gas nozzles, if you do happen to live anywhere but New Jersey or Oregon, you’ve probably done the ol’ self serve once or twice and perhaps have noticed that the pump seems to spidey sense when your tank is full. Have you ever wondered just how it knows that?

This video from YouTube’s Brainstuff channel has the down-low on the matter, and it explains it in terms that are simple enough that even those who aren’t trustworthy enough to pump their own gas can easily understand. Learn something cool, right after the jump.


Source: YouTube

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