Ft. Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The Shelbys and The GTs Edition

So a couple weeks ago, this olelongrooffan took advantage of some free access passes to the Auctions America Show provided by TheKenMan and headed over to the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center to see what there was to be seen. As I took over 110+ images, I knew I would have to break them down in some sort of organized chaos. Previously I posted about The American Classics , A Truck Thursday Post as well as a Mystery Car sighting, the first one this olelongrooffan has seen in person. Well my fellow Hoons, it is time to check out, if you are so inclined, to check out some of the various Blue Oval offerings I spotted there in the Port of the Everglades. However, a jump will be required.

One of the first cars I spotted upon entering the “big room” was this factory Mustang Shorty prototype. Officially, a “1964 1/2 Ford Mustang III Factory Prototype ” or as it is commonly referred to as “Shorty.” Apparently the designer of this factory authorized ride stole it from Ford after it was finished on the show circuit when Ford decided not to build it. He stored it in a rental warehouse that he never paid the rent on. After the warehouse owner turned it over to the cops who ended up determining it belonged to Aetna as they had paid Ford the insurance money on it. Ford didn’t want the car back so it was sold to an Aetna employee.
That employee sold it in Hemmings magazine in 1968 to the guy who sold it in front of my very own eyes that day in late March, 2015. If I remember correctly, it gaveled down at $467,000 and the auction site lists its sales price, including fees at $533,000.00. To me that’s a pretty big chunk of change for what this is. I was talking to my all things Blue Oval buddy, TheKenMan about it and he mentioned Road and Track thought it would bring in between $400-600,000. Still a big chunk of change.
This Ford GT 40 IIB disproves the theory that if it looks like a dawg, runs like a dawg and sounds like a dawg, then it must be a dawg. This GT 40 was built in the early 80’s by supposedly expert GT 40 restorer from original GT40 parts and blueprints. It was commissioned to be constructed by the owner of the 1966 24 Hours of Lemans GT 40. He wanted to use the car for track days but was afraid he would bunch it up so, “what the hell, let’s build another, just for fun.”
A buddy of TheKenMan’s even bid on this one for a bit. Based on the stickers on the windscreen of this race car, it has seen some track time over the years.
Yeah that old race car sure looked original to this olelongrooffan’s untrained eye. Damn it was gorgeous. AuctionsAmerica.com notes this one is still available not having sold at $560,000.00. Seems like a bargain to me, based on the price of that Shorty Mustang prototype. You can read a bit more about this ride via this link. Oh yeah, “Sold on a Bill of Sale Only.”
Just down the row a ways was a rather pedestrian GT40 in Ford racing blue, if I am not mistaken. As was with nearly every car I looked at that day, there is a story that goes with it. This car is actually a “1992 Ford GT 40 Mk V Spyder by Safir”. It was built with the original tooling and blueprints  for the Mk V under the direct authority of Edsel Ford II. It, too, went unsold at $325,000 and is still available should any of my fellow Hoons have a change jar hanging around that needs emptying.
I happened to have just finished a bit to eat when I spotted this Shelby Series I in the que for the Auction Block and decided to mosey on up to check it out. Not a whole lot of backstory here except this particular Shelby has an Oldmoblie Aurora V8 under the bonnet and it is claimed to be quicker than the 427 equipped ride. I tried several times to get an image of it without a bidder’s assistant in the shot but was unsuccessful. I meant to track it down later but “what’s that over there?”
For all intents and purposes here, that would be this 1966 Shelby GT 350. It has a ton of documentation and its ownership can be traced back to the original dealership that sold it. This dedicated race car went unsold with a high bid of $145,000.00. And the auction company notes “Please note this vehicle no longer retains its confidential Ford VIN due to repairs from multiple racing incidents.” Whatever that means.
Finally, a Ford GT without an atmospheric price. That’s because it is a replica but it possesses less than 5,000 miles. I guess there are a couple of former Ford engineers who pop these things out a somewhat regular basis. According to Auctions America it is still available with a current high bid of $62,000.00 should my fellow Hoons be interested.
This is the car in the lede image as it passed over the Auction Block. It is a 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition. The Heritage Edition was designated by the JW Racing/Gulf Livery inspired paint job that was available as an option for a mere $13,000.00 when specifying this build. This particular car has never been registered, has 2.7 miles on it and is an import from Canada. It sold for fee inclusive $451,000.00 USD. Oh yeah, according to the web site, “Please note this vehicle will need to be transported to US Customs for proper import clearance. This will be done under the supervision of Auctions America and could take up to a week to complete.” This olelongrooffan wonders if Customs would let my longerroof into Canada with passing through first?
All Images Copyright Hooniverse/2015 longrooffan

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  1. JayP Avatar

    Go buy a can of Ford DOT 4 HP brake fluid.
    A GT40 is on the bottom of the label.
    What other manufacturer had hung their hat on ONE car for 50 years?
    Back to topic:
    The Gulf GT is unadulterated pron.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    Only the GT Heritage Edition is actually a Ford. The ’66 might be the next most authentic Ford, but without a VIN, and with that much crash repair, it probably has as many ‘replica’ parts as any of the others. The GT 40 IIB probably has more Ford parts, from the description.
    The Shelby Series I is definitely a Shelby, but it’s a GM Shelby right down to it’s stereo.

  3. mzszsm Avatar

    Neat looks like OLRF did upgraded his $70 ebay picture taker, click on any of the photos they open huge, thanks man!
    Hay Vavon, check this out! Also, please poke Skay to take a peek at these if you can.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    I should probably take my laptop to the bathroom with me to avoid any “unfriendliness” from HR.

  5. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

    It’s always a good day when you’re looking at GT40s. Nice shots, LongRoofian!

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