Frozen Wastes Weekend Edition: Pontiac Bonneville SSE

I took the Polo out today for a drive around the industrial districts. Snow had fallen a couple days ago, mercifully covering much of all the beaten and broken cars strewn around the junkyards. But as I turned the corner and saw this Pontiac Bonneville, I felt like I had hit the jackpot when it comes to finding something rare and rough. This was a complete goner.

I don’t know what fate has befallen the Bonneville, or how long ago. It’s covered in mildew, so it’s been sitting a long time, and it seems to have been very extensively damaged. The roof has caved in, the hood has been pried open, the doors also have crowbar damage as well as enormous dents.

I’ve always been a fan of the Bonneville. It’s such a wide-boy shape with the spoilers and body-colour wheels, with smoked taillights and ’80s detailing completing the look.

The top-of-the-line SSE spec was introduced for the new-for-1987 FWD Bonneville in 1988.

Judging by the completely trashed interior and its factory CD player, this might have been a 1989 model as the unit was introduced for that year.

At least the fake wood has survived largely intact.

The Bonneville is sitting at a junkyard, so it is probably not far from being unceremoniously scrapped. It’s not a glamorous end for this 165-horsepower 3800 sports saloon, which was a fine thing a quarter of a century ago – at least here in Finland.

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