On the other side of the town from the Bonneville-hosting junkyard, I found this black Opel Omega. A-body Omegas have been vanishing for a long time, as the B-bodies have fared better – though not without their share of rusty body panels. This wasn’t even a completely ordinary Omega, but a high-spec Omega 3000, meaning that it came with a three-liter straight six.

The Omega was Opel’s E34. It discarded any grandfatherly feeling the Rekord predecessors might have had, and was clad in aerodynamic, sharp bodywork that was extremely correct for the mid-1980s.
The 12-valve Omega 3000 version, which this seems to be, produced 177 horsepower. Later on, from 1989 there was the 24-valve version which upped the reading to more than 200 horsepower – partially thanks to the variable Dual Ram intake. Neither matched the Lotus Omega, but there was still plenty of power for the era.

This one is partially rattlecan black and seems to have done beater duty for a while. Its saving grace is that it’s parked at a local Opel garage, so it might still receive attention on a regular basis.