Friday Fun: $100K on/off-road dilemma

And we’re back, another Friday Fun here to clear your mind at the end of what was a very snowy week for many. Last time we had some fun pretending our bank account had limit and yet there were only five garage spaces worth of real estate to fill, so this time we’re on to something entirely different.
Here’s this week’s situation: you have all-inclusive access to a race track, a course you can use at your disposal any time you want, that just so happens to have an optional dirt, rallycross-style section. Thing is, there’s five miles of dirt, ruts, and rocks separating the nearest paved roadway and the park entrance. And, for whatever reason it may be, you can’t store your track car at the facility. You have a cool $100K to burn on either one vehicle to do it all, or a two-piece combo to better suit your wants. So what would you buy? A dirt-capable truck, and a track car you pull on a trailer? Or one vehicle to make the best of both worlds?

There’s two reasonable ways I can see going about this situation:

  1. An off-road worthy tow vehicle, which pulls the track car on a trailer
  2. A single car that’s street capable but can handle mild off-roading and, likewise, both track duty and rallycross-style courses

Obviously there’s no “right answer” here, so I’ll keep my input short and let everyone get to it. One-hundred-thousand dollars, a track that’s entirely your own to play on, and a dirt road separating you from it. On your marks, get set…read my would-be choices and then sound off in the comments…and GO.

Option 1: 2017 Ford Raptor pulling an LS-swapped NC Miata

Source: Road and Track

I know, I know; it’s already getting old that I keep choosing an LS-swapped Miata as my go-to for a toy. But the formula seems simply perfect for track time: great chassis, light weight, all the power you need, etc. It’s track car perfection in my mind.

Source: Road & Track

As for the Raptor…you can probably guess why it’s here, but in case you’ve forgotten: huge off-road capability in a vehicle still competent when it comes to towing and getting you to the track comfortably, all in a great looking and very powerful package. Best part? I could even take the Raptor onto the track and attack the dirt section of the course with it.

Option 2: Ariel Nomad

Source: Shoot For Details / Hooniverse

If the Atom is one of the best track weapons on the planet, the Nomad just might be the best track car that can also handle dirt. In fact, I’d wage that the Nomad might be even more fun than the Atom: the higher center of gravity and knobby tires not only make you work harder to get similar results, but being that it’s still an Ariel, you’re still wholly connected to each of the inputs and sensations from the vehicle. It’s like an Atom that’s good at even more than the Atom actually is. Plus, you can point the thing off-road without thinking twice. It’s a laugh for both paved and unpaved roads, and would be the perfect toy to drive those five miles on dirt to the track, and then to beat on for hours on end.
Obviously my answers could change at any given moment, and I’m the same goes for everyone else. So, what about you? Let us know in the comments how you’d spend your pretend hundred-grand.
Lede image courtesy of Insurance Tips and Rates

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