French Prankster Exchanges Poodle for F1 Car, Hilarity Ensues

Ah the French, eaters of gastropods, imbibers of wine, and jovial pranksters. . . wait, whaaa? Do you remember that guy that did a live-action Mario Kart through the streets of Paris? Well, his name is Remi Gaillard, and he’s back with another prank-this time driving a formula car on city streets, and providing an unsuspecting motorist with an impromptu pit stop.
The fun ends when the local constabulary drop their brie and head off in hot pursuit, but not before Gailard has triumphed over his commuter competition.

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  1. Reid Schmoak Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the post. I want more!

  2. JC-MX5 Avatar

    Not an F1 car, but fun anyway.

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