Found on eBay: Super Sleeper 1970 Dodge Coronet

I love Sleepers. The ability to deceive unsuspecting motorists of what lurks beneath the hood of your beat up sedan, pickup or wagon  has always been an interest of mine. There was even a book written in exactly how to do it with a specific Chevrolet Nova  of internet notoriety. 

Now enter the Dodge Coronet, part of the full size line from Chrysler sharing it’s B-Body platform with the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Belvedere. This particular car receiving a full frame off restoration turns the dial up to 11. Keeping it’s original 383 and rebuilding it with the addition of twin Garrett T-3 turbos this is sure to be added to the long line of lurking sleepers roaming our streets. 

The seller describes a $20,000 engine build in great detail in the listing to the extent we’re convinced it’s a legit $20k drivetrain, not the typical “have $#### in receipts!” desperate cry. A couple of highlights are an 8.9 compression ratio, manual valve body in the transmission and 3.23:1 limited slip rear-end. Oh, and of course a pair of T3s pushing through a Godspeed intercooler through a modified Holley carb. For the dollars this guy spent, keeping the carb over an EFI setup is a little surprising, but oh well.

Per the seller: “Currently the car is only running 6 lbs of boost can handle up to 11.  As of now the car has 425 HP but can go up into the 650 HP range with the increase in boost.”

The current bid is at $15,109 with the reserve not met. The listing has a Buy it Now price of $28,000 and ends Sunday. Is this the Sleeper for you?

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