Found on Craigslist- The $20K Lotus Elise?

So, do you think that he’s really willing to take $20,000 for it, or that he was trying to say it has 20,000 miles on it? I can say that, a 20K Elise for $20K  sounds like a screaming good deal as long as it’s not full of ebola-laced amphibian poo.

San Diego Craigslist.


  1. A gallon of bleach and a Class A Hazmat suit will take care of the ebola-laced amphibian poo. So, it's still a screaming — although a poo-filled scream — deal.

    1. you know that the monkey with ebola and his reptile buddy DIED while screaming and pooing, right? You gotta call ghostbusters for that type of shit, yo.

  2. If it's a mistake and it's 20K, fine. If it really is 20k for $20k then something is awfully wrong with this car (aside from the factory traits of personality). It probably lacks most of the left rear panel, judging by the clever angle.

  3. Unfortunately it is probably a Phishing Scam, I inquired about and Audi-all road for 12k out of Saskatchewan and as I got further down the rabbit hole I realized they were trying to rope me in to send money. Their enthusiastic replies soon went downhill when i offered to fly out

  4. The 05 Elise (which is identical to this one) currently parked in my barn was purchased 4 years ago for 33K with 14k miles. It is entirely possible this car is 20k although that price is a BIT low. There's a green one here in the DC area, similar car, pristine condition for sale for 24k. They really don't hold their value that well IMHO.

  5. I was going to contact them, but it's phone only, meaning it's probably a bait-and-switch at a dealer.
    Great car, unfortunate color.

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