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Reader Marto comes through with another gem of a category. This time he’s delving into the topic of automotive niches. There are plenty of unique spaces occupied by only a few vehicles, but Marto wants to find niches that we haven’t named yet or don’t get enough attention. For example, can you consider the GTM Libra a Pocket Supercar? Is the Codatronica a Super Wagon? Is the Chevette HSR a Muscle City Car?

These are important questions, and I know many of you will have the right answers and insight. Dive on into this thread and drop some knowledge for us.


        1. That's gotta be one of those infamous Leyland licensed/built Hondas. Looks like an early-80s Civic!
          Yup, sure is!

        2. Vavon, thanks! You save my time by posting the replies that I would post if I were faster. This time you won by some 4 hours.

      1. First they rolled it out on Cadillacs, and I didn't complain because I don't drive a Cadillac,
        then they rolled it out on…. you know the rest.

  1. The Sports Utility Conclave: for all your mobile pope selection needs. I don't picture this being a big market.
    The Sequester Brake: Fits you and all your gear for that indefinite "furlough."

          1. The Porte is still around. I assume it was named the Spade because the people who name Japanese cars tend to be slightly insane.

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