Fortified by the Power of Eight


Huge prizes on offer* to whichever of you esteemed Hoons can identify what car this enormous engine sits in, or even on. In fact, the ratio of car to engine is such that this mighty mill could almost be described as sitting among the scant bits of metal that surround it.

Click on the jump to see whether you were right, and to find out how to claim your prize.


OK, this makes it a little easier. That it’s a Ford engine should be your first clue. Plus you can see a coffin-style hood and evidence of non-flush fenders. It’s vintage-y. Oldish. What d’ya reckon?

No? Alright, here you go.


We recently saw a proud little family saloon car from 1953. That car was a Ford Prefect. The Car in these pictures was, once upon a time, also available as a nice tame little family car with a blue oval on its nose.

Underneath all the shiny paint and clearly not entirely original trimmings, this machine also dates from 1953. It’s actually based on the two-door Anglia which was directly related to the Prefect; a differently styled, two-door variant thereof, which would go onto be remarketed as a new entry-level Ford called the Popular. To be more specific, this is actually the “commercial” version, codename E494C, with a mundane sub one-litre sidevalve engine and just a handful of horsepower.

Er, once upon a time.

Running the plates on the magical DVLA system reveals that that big shiny chrome embellishment, sitting there all glinty and with “Ford Racing” scrawled all over the rocker covers, has a swept volume of 5,000 4942cc. What does that make it? Cleveland? Windsor? Perhaps some of you block-spotters can shine a light on things. Anybody care to make a wild horsepower estimate? I’ve absolutely no idea, having failed to find the owner and give him the third degree.

What do you think of this one?

Sometimes I get a bit fed up with custom cars, all following the same themes, often paying scant regard to originality and sometimes not really aligned with anything that could be described as “good taste”. The problem seems to be that, sometimes, people just don’t know when to stop and pretty soon what could have been a well-judged restomod ends up with muppetskin seats, LEDs everywhere, neons and outrageous chrome rims and images of dusky maidens being ravaged by winged serpents airbrushed on every flat surface. It gives me a headache.

But I like this one. It’s clearly finished to a high standard and, though it’s clean enough to engender suspicions as to trailer-queen-ness, it looks like it could be asked to throw down some impressive times on a quarter-mile strip with a moment’s notice.


There’s an awful lot of rubber back there, wrapped around a fair old slab of aluminium on either side. That splendid carpet job in what has, at some time, been a freight compartment, illustrates a pair of rear wheelwells that don’t allow for much up/down articulation, so I don’t know what kind of axle-management they’re employing down there. But let’s assume they know what they’re doing.

Although the tail-lights need to be taken off and burnt. And possibly that billet steering wheel, which, on second thoughts needs to be put on Craigslist and sold to somebody to put in his “never-been done before” splitscreen VW Bus.

*No Actual Prizes available, but please try to imagine life if you were given £500, tax free. Hope you enjoyed it.

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