Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The Eurosport Edition

So here this olelongrooffan is, back over at the Auctions America show at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center there in the Port of the Everglades, nearly beachside in that oceanside community. My buddy, TheKenMan, had hooked me up with some freebie tickets so I topped off the petrol tank on my longerroof, as that would be how much I would need, and headed over to see what could be seen. Man there was a bunch of cool stuff there and this next couple posts are about the EuroSport and the EuroClassics I spotted that day. Interestingly enough, TheKenMan was there as well with three other buddies riding in that luxurious new Buick mini SUV he recently acquired. Although we never hooked up (cell phone reception in that center sucks, well at least with Metro PCS) but he told me later they were sitting in the bleachers, as old men tend to do, and started yelling at me to gain my attention. The bidder’s assistant thought they were trying to bid on a car and he got all hot and bothered when he realized they weren’t. Me? This olelongrooffan was off in LaLa dream land and missed all of that excitement. Oh yeah, this 1959 Ferrari 250GT, which is the same age as me sold at $715,000 with no reserve. Extremely unreasonable to suspect this olelongrooffan would bring in similar dollars. There is a jump here if any of my fellow Hoons are interested in seeing some of the other EuroSport carp I spotted on the other coast that day.

There were several pretty cool cars lined up right there at the main aisle of the “big room.” As my fellow Hoons can ascertain, this olelongrooffan was strolling down the red carpet. One of those cool rides was the GTO mentioned above which, incidentally, was the highest priced vehicle sold all weekend. The lowest was a 1991 SAAB 900 ragtop with “mileage inconstancies according to Carfax.” Yeah, this olelongrooffan was running away from that one as fast as this oleman can run. But this 75 Ferrari Dino looked dang good.
It ended up gaveling off at $41,800.00, fee inclusive (as all prices quoted in this post are). Now this olelongrooffan is not a huge Ferrari fan, especially the modern ones, but these “older” ones I find quite appealing. Not that I will ever be able to afford an oil change on one, much less the actual purchase price. And really, due to parts availability, the only Malaise era ride I would want to have would be a longroof. Or a factory GMC Motorhome. Any Hoons surprised?
As I was capturing this image this olelongrooffan was thinking to myself that I needed to spend a lot more time with by new image taker to get to know its features a lot better so as not to have shots like this so blurry. I was also thinking about the last Dino I had seen. My fellow Hoons may not remember but this olelongrooffan spotted a Fiat Dino ragtop up at the Daytona International Speedway eons ago when I was schlepping trailers at a Track Day Weekend out there. That one, however, was not a 208gt4 Edition. But both of them are equally as nice.
As I was loading up the images for this post, I realized I had not made a note of this supercar as I have with most of the others I didn’t recognize upon sight. It is a 1977 (the year I graduated from Springfield Catholic H.S. BTW) Maserati Khamsin. These cars, named after, as apparently is usual for Maserati, is named after the wind. This time a hot, violent gust blowing in the Egyptian desert for fifty days a year, that is if Wiki is to be believed. Nevertheless, someone desired this malaise era Maser to the tune of $137,500.00. While it is nice, a questionable membership in the Brown Car Appreciation Society is pretty much the only attraction this olelongrooffan has for this 2+2 Grand Tourer. I didn’t notice the transmission that was in it but as an automatic was offered that year, what do my fellow Hoons think?
No, drop a digit from the purchase price and you might get into the price this olelongrooffan might be able to swing. With an emphasis on the word might. The Easter Egg blue Sprite was a sweetie. I enjoy those style head lights be they on a Sprite, that Mystery Car Westley I spotted at this same show or a Daimler Dart 250. They are all cool. This Sprite left the stage with its new owner handing over $22,500 for the joy bringing this ride to his next Cars and Coffee.
And over here in the corner were three red heads just waiting to see what some randy old men would spend to maintain their lifestyle and hang out with them for a while.
Other than on E-Type racecars, I had not previously seen an XKE equipped with this style hardtop. In my opinion, it is certainly attractive and I will be on the outlook for more of them in the future. The black over yellow paint scheme appeals to me.
Now this was an unusual sighting for this olelongrooffan. A 1962 Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Special. I saw one of these many moons ago in a private collection up there in the Birthplace of Speed brandishing red over black interior. It, to this point had been the only one I had seen.
That was until now. This one crossed the Auction Block at a fee inclusive $85,800. Yeah it was a rare old Italian sports car and I felt lucky to have seen it.
Until I moseyed on down aways and saw this one. I am getting to damn jaded for this. This one crossed the Block for $82,500.00. Nice car though.
And super rare, if not all that valuable, was this 1990 TVR S Series Roadster. It crossed the Block at just under $20,000.00. I was surprised as I know older TVRs are pretty valuable.
There were a pair of these 220S Pontoon Cabrios here as well. One in white and another in blue. After spotting those Alfas earlier, I did even bother to capture the blue one for posterity. I did note it sold for $78,100.00. I would call that well sold.
This olelongrooffan loves the rake of the windshield on this Healey 100-6. I had seen one just like it at the AACA Show a few weeks prior so you’ll be seeing more of it in due time. Should my fellow Hoons so desire.
I also love any badges on the nose of sports cars. Yeah, it doesn’t take much for this olelongrooffan to be happy.
While at the same AACA at the Naples Depot Where I spotted that Healey 100-6, I also spotted an MG similar to this one.
Yeah it was an MGA as well but where this one is ragtop, the blue one I spotted previously was a rare coupe. I am confident my fellow Hoons will love it.
This just a preview of the EuroClassic Post forthcoming.
And concluding today’s international edition, let’s go north of the border to say….Montreal perhaps.
Images Copyright Hooniverse/2015 longrooffan

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  1. Jaap Avatar

    I think a Maserati Khamsin don’t need notes. Nor does a Dino 208. They are simply wonderfull! Dino 208 massivly underrated, it’s a stunner.

  2. P161911 Avatar

    The Dino 208GT4 is a really odd find in the US. The 208GT4 was an Italian tax special version of the 308GT4 with a 1991 cc V-8 and about 70 less HP. I hope it has a 3.0L V-8 by this point.

    1. Alff Avatar

      Jim Henson’s inspiration…

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