Formula Fun: 2017 Starts Now

Well it’s testing season and Australia grows ever closer, so let’s take this time to run through the storylines that we’ll follow through the next season of Formula One. New cars, new drivers, and the rush to see who will come out on top in these new look Formula. It’s all to play for this year, and all without the reigning champion on the grid! Intrigue, Excitement, Formula Fun! 
First things first we’ve gotta talk about new look our V6 heroes are rocking this season. Out are the narrow body cars we’ve seen from 2009, back are the crazy wide aero monsters that blend both the record breaking 2004 styling cues, but also bring back some of the crazy winglets and appendages we saw with the 2008 challengers. It’s a handsome grid this year and I think only the Force India is kind of a miss in the looks department. The Mercedes and Ferrari cars are just stunning to look at, and are even more impressive in motion.
The goal of these new rules was to drop lap times by a whole five seconds a lap, a feat that I doubted possible in one year of change, but I seem to have been proven wrong, with the all time lap record for the Circuit De Catalunya falling by day 2 of the first week of testing. These machines are brutally fast and they look it. Onboard footage from Bottas in his new digs looked scarcely believable, and that’s a good thing.

Photo Courtesy of Mercedes

The harder these cars are to drive, and the faster they look, the better the show is, right? Well, maybe not, as more and more drivers have talked about the downside of all this wonderful aero. Passing looks to have become a bit difficult thanks to all of the dirty air being forced on any car following closely behind another. I’ll wait till Australia to really pass judgment on if we’ll see a decrease in passing in actuality, or if passing will just make these drivers work a little harder for their money.
I’ll have another post after the end of preseason testing looking at each team and talking about some of the storylines to look out for when we end up down under. But all I’ll have to say now is it looks like we might be having a two way battle this year, and not just between the two Mercedes drivers. More on that later. For now, I recommend each of you go check out the official Formula 1 channel on Youtube for some amazing videos they’ve put out for each day of testing, with some great footage to tide you over until FP1 starts in just a few weeks.

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2 responses to “Formula Fun: 2017 Starts Now”

  1. Lokki Avatar

    I really cannot wait for the season. Will Hamilton continue to rule the pack? Will snotty little Max Verstappen continue to show a finger to the older (and slower) drivers? Will Daniel Ricciardo beat Max, even if it takes bursting a blood vessel to do it? Will Kimi finally win something? Is Vettle finished? Can Haas actually hang in there again this year? Is Bernie really gone or truely impossible to get rid of; the ghost of Christmas past?
    I gots to know!

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    There looks to be quite a bit of variety in the aero setups, most notably the Mercedes that lacks a big ‘shark fin’. Hopefully the season will be a bit more competitive, although the new regs don’t fill me with optimism that overtaking will be improved.

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