There have been more than a few people asking why all the hype around the new Ford Godzilla 7.3-L V8. It has always been about two things. Diesel like toughness and durability with gas engine running and maintenance costs. Also as a platform to make big power.

How big? How about just shy of 800 horsepower naturally aspirated! Now, this was not close to stock, however, it did use a stock block, heads and crank. The engine did have 12.5:1 Weisco pistons, aluminum rods, big cam, as well as CNC ported stock heads with titanium valves. Oh and this pushrod motor made peak power at 7,600 rpm with the power curve still climbing!

Ford Godzilla 7.3L V8 Dyno

Brian Wolfe, who is building this Godzilla engine for his Ultra Street Mustang drag car is just getting warmed up here. He said that given a few minor changes, he thinks this could make 900hp without too much trouble.

That is not the direction Brian is going with this though. He is putting a 3.0L Whipple Supercharger on it in an effort to make 1,600 horsepower! We will be following this one closely.

Oh and here is a thought.  For the next generation Raptor, rather than EcoBoost V6, how about Supercharged Godzilla power!

Also, since this engine is available in base form from Ford Racing, what would you swap this in to?