For Sale: Renault 4 – How Can You Say "No" to This Face?

1971 Renault 4. If it followed you home, would you keep it?
Hello, and welcome to 2012. In case the landing was rough, here’s something almost annoyingly cutesy to cheer you up on the first Monday of the week. Hur hur. Let me kick off the year with a classic little French car that only needs a new home and some spanner work to keep you company. Yes, it’s a project car. But don’t be alarmed, it’s all there. Bodywork is all done and welded, even if the seller says it could do with a new coat of paint (obviously a nitpicking perfectionist). The 1971 Renault comes with all its parts, and included is a whole load of parts salvaged from a 1975 car. The reason why it’s been put up for sale is lack of space for it and the spares in the garage; if the space is taken up by that A-Class in the background, shame on him. The Renault 4, built from 1961 to 1992, was a budget car choice for a lot of Frenchmen back in its day – aimed at people who found the 2CV just a little too spartan, but thought anything wider would be unnecessarily wasteful. Engine size varied from 747cc to 1108cc, which must’ve felt positively big-block in comparison. This car seems to house the 845cc engine, if I’m not terribly mistaken by the seller’s rounding up the numbers. You know things are right when the battery is almost bigger than the engine block. Asking price for this saccharine bleu lolmobile is a measly 1000 eur. And you know, if finishing it isn’t your cup of tea you can just walk it around the neighbourhood. It even comes with its own tow rope for that. And what’s the best part? It obviously has headlight eyes, unlike that ridiculously erroneus Cars animation franchise seems to be willing to claim.   Ad here (only partially in Finnish) Photos: seller,

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