Here’s one we haven’t seen before… Bring-A-Trailer has a 1994 LuAZ 969M for sale. Yes, this vehicle was first introduced as the ZAZ-969 back in the ’60s, but LuAZ kept cranking them out for quite some time. This one is powered by a 1.2-liter V4 backed by a four-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel-drive. It should make around 40 horsepower. And with portal axles, it should clear a fair bit of whatever you might find out on the trail.

This one being offered for sale has just 3,500 miles or so and looks to be in pretty damn perfect shape. The auction over on BAT is about to end (at the time of this post) and the high bid currently sits just north of $6,000.

Have you heard of a LuAZ before? Have you ever seen one in person? And would people where these are more common lose their minds at that potential selling price or are we in the ballpark of clean LuAZ values?

Go see the auction and a lot more pictures on Bring-A-Trailer.