Back in 1990, spending $34,870 on a pickup truck is the equivalent of spending just over $71,000 today. Which… honestly, that’s where full-size trucks are at right now, as crazy as that sounds. Still, that’s a lot of coin for a 1990 pickup but that’s what the original owner of this GMC Sierra C3500 Dually spent back in the day. And that’s because they added on $12,820 for something called the Tridon conversion kit. And now this piece of fiberglass wonder can be yours for $14,995.

The truck actually looks to be in great shape minus the fading paint. It has a 454 under the hood with just 60,000 miles on the clock. And the seller states they just completed a ton of work on the sort of things that need to replaced for a truck of this age with that mileage. We’re talking belts, filters, pumps, wires, sensors, etc. On top of that, the interior is excellent.

Is it an ugly thing? Absolutely. Is there a good truck under that bodywork? Most certainly. And with the used market the way it is, a 60k-mile heavy-duty truck for less than $15k sounds like a good deal. And if you really want to clean up that paint, you’d have something pretty amazing to bring to the next Radwood as well.

The truck is listed for sale in Culver City, California on Craigslist. Go there for more pics and more information.