Five-car free-for-all

Matt Farah has a saying that goes something like this: “the number of cars an enthusiast owns is only limited by two things: money and space.” As in, if it weren’t for a finite amount of money to spend on vehicles, and a finite amount of space to store said vehicles, an enthusiast would be perpetually buying and collecting cars as they go, always building up their collection. Truer words may have never been spoken.
Today in our Friday Fun mind-cleanse, we’re going with half of that perfect scenario. Let’s say you have all the money you could possibly imagine, but your garage is limited to room for five vehicles and, for whatever reason it may be, you absolutely do not want to store cars off-premises. We’ll call it the Five-Car Free-For-All. Five cars, no financial constraints. What would you buy?

Realistically, none of us have the time to play the opposite half of this game in which we have a limited amount of money but can buy an unlimited number of cars. I mean, we all know how that would likely go for most: “I bought five hundred $5000 cars and spent the rest on the three that I really want!” So for now at least let’s stick to the task at hand. Unlimited money, limited bays in the garage.
I’m setting “parameters” for this one, with the quotes playing an important part since it is technically a fully hypothetical scenario in which you can really go with whatever you want, but for the sake of forcing some thinking. Those parameters? Other than a five-car limit, try to make them five different styles of car at least. If not, no harm, no foul. Anyways, have at it.
We’ll play this one again in a few months and I damn-near guarantee everyone has at least one car in their “garage” that’s different. Here’s my picks, for anyone who cares. Let the record show that I wrote this on Monday, so by Tuesday morning things could very well have changed.

Miata RF with swappable LS3 and turbo-4 engines
Unlimited money affords ready-to-be-swapped-in engines already prepped for installation. Few new vehicles pique my interest like the Miata RF and, while the four-pot is adequate for daily driving, I’d want a bit more oomph on tap for when the time comes. A perfect package this most certainly would be.

Source: Autoblog

RS7 Performance
I was in love with the RS7 from the first time I laid eyes on one, and Jason’s video only made that even more so. It’s the perfect German land missile, a gorgeous but still somewhat subtle car that’s nowhere near as visually aggressive as its performance would lead you to believe. Among the quickest sedans in the world, it’s also extremely practical, extremely comfortable, and one hell of a looker.

Source: Jalopnik

MKIV Supra
It might be dated by today’s standards, and it might be slow by today’s standards, but the body of this thing is one of the icons that I’ll never stop drooling over. Add in the addicting boost and exhaust noises of a well-tuned 2JZ, and it’s an absolute legend. I’ll take mine with about ~450 horsepower to the wheels, targa roof off, and a suspension setup that is capable of both mild drifting and some autocross as well.
Also, how freakin’ great is this press image? Click link, laugh, then drool as the ’90s-ness overwhelms you. So good.

Source: Porsche

911.2 GTS
The perfect daily driver that’s also a monster of a performer and a blast on a back-road, the GTS splits the line in the 911 lineup and nestles itself in as the car I could likely drive to the highest percentage of its ability while also knowing it won’t bite my head off. With an interior that basically caresses you and a platform to make nearly every other car in production jealous, it’s one of the cars on sale today that I’d be happiest to daily, and to drive hard on a track as well. [At the moment I’m writing this, at least]

Source: Recoil Magazine

4Runner TRD Pro w/5.7L i-FORCE V8 swap
Not that the V6 in the current 5th-gen 4Runner is a bad engine by any means, but there’s always room for improvement. Logical solution: V8 swap, pulling the big V8 from its brethren, the Tundra. It’s by no means the best V8 out there, but it would be cool to see an in-family swap, and being that the 4th-gen 4Runner had a V8 option it *could* theoretically be done (though admittedly it was a much smaller displacement engine). Throw a bunch of armor and off-road-oriented accouterments on the truck while keeping it comfortable enough and reliable enough to drive cross-country to the trails out west and also still utilitarian enough to tow a moderately sized trailer, and you have my ideal do-it-all four-by-four.
The best part of this game? There’s still infinite imaginary cash leftover to spend on using those five to their fullest potential. So, how about you? Where’s your money going if you have no dollar limit but a constraint on space? Five white Countaches (or is it Countach??)? Five PT Cruisers, prepped for demolition derby? Five (running) Hemi-swapped 1984 Mercedes 300TD wagons? Let us know in the comments.
Lede image courtesy of Insurance Tips and Rates

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