Firebreather Friday – the McLaren P1


Anyone who has been on the internet or anywhere near a car magazine within the last year knows about the existence of the McLaren P1 and just how incredible it is.

It’s a 903 horsepower dream machine that can double as a full electric vehicle for a short period of time when it isn’t breaking the laws of physics. As if we really needed more evidence that this car is truly something else, video reviews including one from the almighty Top Gear have begun to surface, so we’re finally getting an unbiased glimpse of just how insane the P1 can really be when it’s unleashed on a race track.

Which takes us to YouTuber Shmee150 who was able to attend a restricted track session to get up close and personal with this decade’s halo car. He was armed with a few cameras that give us some spectacular views of the McLaren P1 doing the two things it’s good at: going brutally fast and looking wonderful while doing it.

Well, make that three things it’s good at, because it turns out the P1 is also a fire-spitting god. As in, few other road-legal cars could put on a spectacle quite like this. Click past the jump for the video. We recommend it.


[Source: Shmee150 on YouTube via Autoweek]

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