Finnish Line – Is this the only Buick Reatta in the country?


I go out of my way to photograph some cars. I set aside time, load my camera gear and purposely go take photos of something I know exists in a certain location within this vibrant region. And there’s the moment this evening, as I drove home from picking up some groceries for the coming weekend, when in the middle of navigating a roundabout my brain went “WAS THAT A BUICK REATTA I SAW” and a double-take was immediately done.

Having completed a second round of the said roundabout, just to confirm the sighting, I drove to the forecourt where the freshly-imported, gloriously red Reatta sat. I’ve never seen one in this country, and it might very well be the sole example. Prove me wrong, will you?


The Reatta sat parked at the garage where I most often service my BMW. They know BMW:s, Skodas and Mercedes-Benzes especially well there, but they do not especially advertise themselves as a Buick specialist.


The car was probably in for a post-import overhaul, just to make sure things were tip top. It will probably earn some Finnish plates pretty soon, as now it sat stickered. I especially liked seeing the tan interior, and I wish I could get to try out the awesometastic touchscreen CRT.


Gleaming red, lustrous paint, boat-like dimensions, perfect ’80s detailing. It’s a very pretty car, and somehow akin to the Fiat Barchetta.



Of course, a Fiat Barchetta never packed a 3800 under the hood. And the Barchetta was made longer than the short-lived Reatta; these beauties only lived from 1988 to 1991. The handmade little Buick was just too precious for its own good, and can’t escape the air of somehow getting associated with the Chrysler TC by Maserati – even if it was spiritually closer to the Allanté.


I’m happy having seen the Reatta. My automotive life is now just a little bit more complete.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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9 responses to “Finnish Line – Is this the only Buick Reatta in the country?”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Never seen one – a bit odd, but beautiful. Especially the rear end, which often is the neglected part of a car.

  2. taborj Avatar

    The husband of one of my wife's friends has one as his daily driver. He's a huge Buick nut; they named their daughter Reatta in fact.

  3. sam Avatar

    There’s a pretty nice one for sale near me. Cool car

  4. duurtlang_ Avatar

    Very nice car, this. Judging from the looks alone it's probably the only Buick built during my three decades on this planet that I could see myself owning. Coincidentally it's probably the only genuine Buick that doesn't look out of place in Europe.

  5. FreeMan Avatar

    heck, i see very few of these in the states.

    1. Dutch Avatar

      I was thinking the same thing. Ain't that many (left) on this side of the pond.

  6. mallthus Avatar

    My dad had a 90, which lacked the temperamental and hard to use CRT. The two things I'll always remember about the Reatta are the quality of the paintwork (a full 10mm thicker than on any other GM product) and the design of the trunk hinges, which would have put the Germans to shame.
    That and the fact that its the only car I've ever driven that overheated in below 0 temps due to a clogged radiator intake.

  7. Synchromesh Avatar

    A friend lives in a condo in one town over and there is a house right before their driveway where a white Reatta sits. It's pretty dirty but doesn't seem too rusty from afar.

  8. facelvega Avatar

    All the Reatta needed for greatness was the supercharged version of the 3800. Oh, also a longer wheelbase to shorten the ridiculous overhangs and correct some of the terrible-handling F/R weight ratio. And rear wheel drive. Better steering wouldn't hurt either, and maybe a stiffer suspension. Oh hell, I think I just designed the Chrysler Crossfire.
    <img src="; width="600">

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