Fernando Alonso has “a moment” during the 2020 Dakar

The Dakar Rally is underway right now. Saudia Arabia plays host to the event this year, and it’s as brutal as ever. Two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso is competing this year. He, along with co-driver Marc Coma had a rather large moment during Dakar’s Stage 10.

You can see Alonso trying to get his Gazoo Racing-prepped Toyota Hilux to slow before the hill. This drop is too steep though, and the truck tumbles down. Two rolls later and the truck is back on all four wheels. There’s a bit of time sitting stopped. We imagine both driver and co-driver are wondering what the hell just happened. Making sure all limbs are still working, and processing what to do next. It’s not too long before the truck is fired up and the pair shuffle back into rally action.

This hill proved to be quite a trouble spot during the stage. Some rolled, while others simply aired it out… a sort of motorsports huck-t0-flat, if you will. Not the best way to tackle this one, but it is clearly entertaining the assembled media and fans.

Today is the final stage. The battle for all classes is fairly close. Carlos Sainz is currently leading the cars. American Casey Currie has a strong lead in the side-by-side class. It doesn’t matter who’s winning in the truck class, because really everyone in that class is a winner.

[Awesome lead image snapped by Víctor Cuervo. Check out his Instagram.]

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2 responses to “Fernando Alonso has “a moment” during the 2020 Dakar”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Yep saw that one on the daily tv coverage. You couldn’t do that if you tried! Later they had to remove the broken front windscreen.

    A day or three before there was a shot out the windscreen of a bogged car entrant where one of the SSV’s enters from frame left, does a forward somersault, lands on its wheels and drives away.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Saw that somersault, too: Two seconds to find first gear again, and off it went as if it was a routine bit…

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