Fastback Friday: This Car is from Arkansas Edition

01313_2u63SIa5oeR_600x450 For this edition of Fastback Friday, let’s take a look at one of the all-time great fastback sedans – the Ford Galaxie 500. I’ve written a few times over the year about the glorious Ford Galaxie; it’s always been one of those cars that just looks good sitting on the curb, cruising down the highway, or leaning into a corner on a race track. 63_Ford-galaxy-Sheelagh-num28-DV-10-MH-02 The 3rd-generation Galaxie was all new for 1965, and in 1967 was one of the most popular big cars on the road. They were popular in racing circles, especially with the big FE engines, and came with quite a few options. This example has just a few options on it, but is still worth a look. Details:

1967 Ford Galaxy fastback. 390 C6 transmission.8 inch rear end. B & M floor shift. 3 minor dings only. I have not found any cancer rust on body or underneath either. It has some paint peeling. This car is from Arkansas. It has been stored in a barn on blocks for 20 years. Very nice interior. I have bill of sale. Pls text or call and leave your phone number. Moving. Must sell!

00707_5ECj0YN2vXQ_600x450 I don’t know why the seller mentions that the car is from Arkansas – maybe it’s a warning? Anyway, I enjoy how simple and well-built these older cars are, and what a roomy, comfortable place they are to sit. No belt line up around your ear, no mammoth console taking up space, and no bucket seats to get stuck in. No, what we have here is an open, roomy, and comfortable car with all the basic needs and none of the frill. It’s a place where you can stretch your legs, throw your arm out the window, and enjoy the sound of many cylinders firing away. Want to open the vent window? Just turn that tiny crank. Want to light up while on the road? No problem – there are ashtrays everywhere. If this is truly a barn find, it’s not too bad. I would say the steering wheel has got to go, though. In my opinion. 00X0X_65DXSLwVmlg_600x450 Big 390FE under the hood. It will probably start right up. Speaking of which, I just wanted to share this video of a different 67 firing after sitting for 31 years. It’s just cool to see an old car come to life, no? So what do you think? For $3,000, is this Galaxie out of this world? [Source: Fayetteville Craigslist]

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