Fastback Friday: Long Shots: The Supra Dupra Edition


So this olelongrooffan is getting settled into my new digs in TheStuccoBox down here in toney Palm Beach, Florida. For that reason I decided to head down to Flagler Avenue (I think every town on the east coast of the Sunshine State has a street named after ole Henry Morrison) and take in the Palm Beach International Yacht Show. Well, as this olelongrooffan was walking up to the entry of this only once previously attended event (that was a long ways back), I encountered a gentleman leaving with somewhat of a scowl on his face, even though he was drinking an amber, cold, carbonated beverage. “How was it?” this olelongrooffan queried. “Worst damn sixteen bucks I ever spent,” he responded. “Nothing but a damn bunch of people and way to many kids.” Well, since this olelongrooffan had just a couple weeks ago attended, for nearly the same money, an event that was kind of crowded but filled with cool ass old cars and very few kids, I decided to capture the above image and head on the hell out of downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. After all, at my rather advanced age, I have come to the conclusion the only kids I really can stand to be around must have the same last name as this olelongrooffan, and even then it’s not always a given.

So what did this olelongrooffan do instead? My fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to see just what occupied my first Sunday in my new hometown.


Now, lest my fellow Hoons express disappointment that this olelongrooffan couldn’t finagle my way into that boat show, don’t fret about it, I didn’t really have the heart for it this time around. I’ll need to head down there and check out the lay of the land prior to attempting to bust the gates on this one. But I was able to grab this free parking spot (surrounded by curbside parking at the going rate and every lot was twenty bucks per) in the VIN Verification Parking Spot of the local DMV. Yeah, I kinda figured the local yokels were too busy with the swarming crowds and all of the brats being, well, bratty to pay much mind to some Hoon parked in that free spot. And this olelongrooffan was not mistaken.


So I gots out on Dixie Highway heading south and spotted this sweet, I think 66 or 67, Caddy convertible driven by the requisite old white haired guy just out in front of the home of the Palm Beach Historical Society. Talk about the irony. Anyway, that was a sweet old Caddy and old building to boot. This olelongrooffan was certainly not surprised to see that old ride out and about that beautiful Sunday afternoon.


Nor was this olelongrooffan surprised to spot this Florida Car of Choice in a certain age bracket this is not so far advanced than mine. Love the personalized plate…”THX UPS”. It is FedEx for this olelongrooffan from this day forward. Oh yeah, the dealer license plate frame (who leaves those things on their cars anyway?) states “Lexus of Palm Beach.” Any one of my fellow Hoons surprised? PS, I love the snaps around the rear of the base of this wannabe ragtop.


So, another one of the cool things this olelongrooffan spotted that day was this commuter rail train which was responsible for me stopping long enough to fire up my elcheapoebay acquired image taker and capture this for all ya’all. But know this my fellow Hoons, unlike fellow Hoon, Maxichamp, there is not a way in hell this olelongrooffan is going to ride this thing around and hit every station in record time as he did with BART out in the hilly city on the left coast of these here United States. Click here to see his blog for that story, it’s a Duesey.


Now a part of my duties these days are making sure my friend Kris is well fed with that purely organic diet she lives on. And it seems this olelongrooffan is also on that slippery slope. Over a week with nothing from the blue Skye nor a cancer stick to boot. Yeah, I gots me some hebe-jebes going on. Anyway, near TheStuccoBox that I currently call home (one of the siblings of TheStuccoBox came be seen in the background of the above image)…anyway…there is a way overpriced, at least to this olelongrooffan, grocery store named, you guessed it, Whole Foods. Part of my daily itinerary is to stop by and check out all the cool cars I can find in the lot  pick up a fresh piece of fish and some fresh greens (for Kris) and a fresh piece of protein to go with all the carbs she is requiring me to eat these days so this olelongrooffan can gain some weight so as not to look like I didn’t just “graduate from Meth High School.” All in all, not a really bad thing for this olelongrooffan.


So anyway, there I was in that pricey assed food store parking lot and spotted what I think is one of Toyota’s coolest sports car offerings in a damn long time. This olelongrooffan has no idea what year it is nor whether that wing on the ass end of it serves any purpose but damn, it sure all comes together on this one.


I really don’t even mind the fart can muffler sticking out the rear of it. Yeah, everything about this fastback hits every note in this olelongrooffan’s songbook. Even though the roof is way to short, it would still be welcome in my livery any day of the week.


And rare for the south Florida climate, the, although slightly dirty, glossy black paint on this one is just that, Glossy Black. Yeah, those are flip flops, shorts and skinny ass legs this olelongrooffan was sporting that mid March day which my fellow Hoons can see in the reflection of that shiney ass bumper.


Yeah, this olelongrooffan knows I am a total Hoon in that this, what?, nearly twenty something year old fastback captured more interest to me than the long forgotten tri stars in the background of the above image. And this olelongrooffan didn’t even give that trailer a second look.

Looks like this here town might be just dandy for spotting some cool ass vehicles after all.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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12 responses to “Fastback Friday: Long Shots: The Supra Dupra Edition”

  1. danleym Avatar

    Ok, so having read the intro I now know you were taking pictures of the boats. But when I first saw the lead picture and was trying to figure out what it was of, it almost seemed like you were creeping on that woman. Not that I actually thought you were, but you gotta admit- with the bushes in front, it kind of looks like you're hiding in the bushes taking a picture of some woman walking by.

  2. longrooffan Avatar

    i'm a better stalker than that…

  3. dculberson Avatar

    I have never seen a vinyl roof on a Lexus of any kind, much less an LS460. That is hilarious. (-ly bad, of course, not hilariously good.)

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I'm in New England, and I've only ever seen ESes so… equipped. Well, and Avalons, Camrys, pre-500 Tauri, and seemingly half of the Grand Marquiseseses around here. The point is, no LSes.

  4. toby Avatar

    The spoiler is stock. That stick-on hoodscoop, however, makes me want to stab my eyes out with a dirty fork.

    1. krazykarguy Avatar

      …As do the clear sidemarkers.
      On a black car, go smoked or go home.

    2. kvnkiley Avatar

      my thoughts exactly. that car looks like perfection with the exception of that wart on the hood.

  5. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Glad to see you're settling in. Enjoy your new diet! hahaha

  6. P161911 Avatar

    So the Lexus driver either retired from UPS or got hit by a UPS truck and won a big legal settlement.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      Or he likes watching movies with his surround sound system turned way up, and doesn't like Dolby.

  7. mikltaz Avatar

    I haven't seen a Dunkin Donuts in ages. They have the best coffee

  8. Trouble Avatar

    Still can't believe you left Daytona for SFLA. You do not yet know hot. I am gonna miss all the car shots with the familiar Daytona area in the background. Very unpretentious.

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