Fastback Friday: A Muscular Mustang Show Circa Nineteen-Eighty-Something

This past weekend, I had a homecoming in more than one sense.  Firstly, of course, I went back home to Kalamazoo, Michigan to visit a friend for his birthday.  Being just minutes from my childhood home, I had to stop in for a hot meal cooked by my tremendous mother (happy early mothers day, Mom!).  Every time I go home, I like to pick up a few more of my things.  First, it helps unclutter their home, and secondly, it always gives me an opportunity for nostalgia.  

This time, I was sitting at my old desk when I came across these five photos that I had seriously forgotten I owned.  I don’t know much about these photos, except that they were taken by my father in the late 1980s.  These photos were my second homecoming.  I had a homecoming of the automotive persuasion, as  I grew up a Mustang fan under the fierce tutelage of my stern Mustang loving dad.  

All I know is what I can see in the pictures.  This must have been when my parents were still together (they separated when I was two), as my mother is the one in the yellow shirt in the picture directly below these words.  That would mean they must be pre-1989.  

I am also relatively certain that this show was held in the parking lot of the K Mart in Marshall, MI.  The K Mart looks familiar, and I am pretty sure the highway behind the California Special at the bottom is Michigan Avenue.

Anyway, I liked looking at these photos, and I figured the hoony contingency would as well.  Forgive the quality, these used to be stapled to my bedroom wall.  While everyone else had photos of pinups, I had vintage Shelbys.  I certainly enjoyed them, I hope you do, too!

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