Fantasy gaming… for classic cars?

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File this one under; Why Didn’t I Think of This First.
There’s a new site getting ready to launch. It’s called, and it’s essentially going to bring classic car auctions into the fantasy gaming world. As you watch the many number of auctions that take place on a given weekend, you can place virtual bets on what you think a given vehicle will bring on the block. This could actually be kind of fun, no?
Now let me get something out in the open right off the bat. I have no financial stake in this venture. One of the founders happens to also be the man with the shop where The Wombat (our Benz wagon project) is currently sitting under plastic. I agreed to help them spread the word, and I’ve also been wrangled into appearing in this crazy video ad they’ve dreamed up. Again though, I’m not getting a dime from this. I do, however, believe that it’s actually an idea that could do very well.
We all think we know what certain vehicles should earn when they hit the auction circuit. We feel we’re tuned in to the world of older machines. Be it the rising values of Japanese iron, building swell of pre-60’s pickups, or leveling-off of insane-o Mopar machines, we have numbers in our head on what a given car or truck should be worth. Now we can put that to the test.
The site is still in development, but they’ve put together an Indiegogo page to capture some final finds ahead of the last push towards launch. If you want to see my cheesy mug in their video ad, head to that Indiegogo page and check it all out. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this idea too. They’ll be reading and they’re very curious to hear what you think.

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  1. CruisinTime Avatar

    Shameless Hucksterism , Well done and good luck.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I said I have zero monetary stake in this… I don’t see the hucksterism to which you refer.

      1. 0A5599 Avatar

        Quite the opposite. If this becomes successful, your friend won’t have time to work on the Wombat.

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          I’m hoping he lets people run the site so he can focus on my car… 🙁
          I miss that car…

  2. Tanshanomi Avatar

    So, it’s not fantasy bidding, it’s fantasy betting, in which you bet an arbitrary amount of fictitious dollars on a particular real-dollar winning auction bid amount? That kind of hurts my head. And it’s…odd.
    Price Is Right rule? Spreads? The whole point? So many questions…

    1. kogashiwa Avatar

      Now we need a site where we can bid on the winnings from the betting on the bidding.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        I’m not a friend of risky investments, I’d prefer a fond.

      2. Fred Talmadge Avatar
        Fred Talmadge


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