Fantasy Finds Friday: Search for your dream machines and share them here


I am throwing in a new column here that I think could be a fitting and fun way to end the week. It’s called Fantasy Finds and the idea is that you wade through Craigslist or eBay Motors in search of a machine that belongs in your I’ll-Own-That-Someday mental garage.

I’m kicking things off with a vehicle that is always lurking on a part of my brain. It’s a 1968 Dodge Charger. This is a car that I don’t just want to own someday, but rather that I need to own at some point in my life. I got the chance to drive one for a little bit over the course of a day back in 2013 (which you’ll see in the new season of American Detours), but it wasn’t setup exactly how I’d like.

This one, however, is much closer.

charger interior

My dream Charger is all black, and has a rumbling 440 Six Pack sitting under the hood. Additionally, it also has upgraded modern suspension components. This particular Charger checks those boxes and more. The only thing I’d want to change at first glance is the custom front grille. I like the all-black attempt here, but I think it could be done a bit more cleanly. It’s a minor quibble, of course, and in person it might look fantastic.

The asking price is $38,000 or best offer, which isn’t crazy at all for a fully-sorted Charger like this. Mopar is expensive, but when I completely sell out and this site is owned by Yahoo Autos I should be able to afford one. Here’s a link to the full ad.

Now it’s your turn… sound off in the comments with some Fantasy Finds on this fabulous Friday. You know you’re not doing anymore work today anyway.

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