False Neutral Podcast #120 – Pressing Pause on our Projects

In the lull after the holidays, we don’t have anything cooking in their workshops for a couple of different reasons. It’s just Garrett and me this month, talking a lot about kids bikes, stalled projects, and choosing what projects we might tackle next. As always, pictures of some of the bikes (and parts) we talk about on this episode appear below. 

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Yamaha PW50
Yamaha YF60 4-Zinger
Yamaha Tri-Zinger. Craigslist photo.
Custom Suzuki T500 Titan
Garrett’s 1994 RMX250
Can-Am 500 MX with Rotax Type 486 engine. Ebay photo.
NOS Benelli Mojave 360 tank perched on the Aermacchi-Ducati frame
Benelli 2C 250 frame. Ebay photo.

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