Falling in Love, with a Cobra

I was at a race at the legendary Road America, in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin and came across this picture perfect moment. If you’ve ever been to this historic four mile track, you’ll know that there’s also a huge car show, in a way, that takes place while these races are going on. Car nuts flock to Road America a few times throughout the course of the year, often bringing their cherished sports cars, exotics, and classics. From Aston Martin Vanguishes, Nobles, and even a few Morgan Aero 8s, to your catalog of classic muscle cars and Italian players. Being at Road America is like a big treasure hunt, because you never know what exact gems you’ll come across just parked next to the track. While driving up to turn seven, trying to find that perfect place to watch the Spring Vintage Race, I came across a open field with nothing in it except…this dark blue Cobra. Now, I’m not real sure if it is in fact an original AC Cobra from the 1960s (probably not) or a reproduction kit car, but gosh this thing is beautiful. Seeing this white-striped open top monster just grazing in an uncut field, dandelions puffing around in the air all over the place, and that incredible soundtrack of ear-breaking loud V-8 engines just roaring throughout the countryside. For a few moments it was just any gearhead’s blissful happy place. I look at this car and just wonder, how could someone not like it? Hooniverse Asks Bonus Edition: what’s your perfect automotive happy place? What’s in it, and what cars are there?

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