Exercises in Plasti-Dip: Volkswagen Golf MKIV

This mud-coloured, completely matte Mark-Four VW Golf has been appearing on this Helsinki street every now and then. I walked for a cheap pizza – one that sadly found its final demise in the hands of my brother after I foolishly planned to save half of it for the next day – and on the way back, holding said pizza I snapped these photos of the Volkswagen.
Funny thing is, a millennial Golf already blends with its surroundings here. The owner of this example just wanted to be absolutely sure. It’s like a counter-point to a MKIII Harlekin.

Volkswagen paint does wear decently well, so it’s most likely not to cover up any clearcoat damage. The badges, trim pieces and handles have also been sprayed over, for a complete look.
Then again, by its complete attempt at invisibility it manages to absolutely stand out. Otherwise it would be just your average 2000-model 1.6 automatic Comfortline, but now it’s a touch more special. And a coating like that is always reverseable, in case you want to go back to shiny sides.
And the pizza? With BBQ chicken, taco sauce and shrimp it was fairly decent for less than six euros.
[Images: Copyright 2015 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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  1. mzszsm Avatar

    Oh my… I’ll say this, it accentuates that subtle bulge these have going from front fender back over all the panels, so there’s that at least.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    Painted with Brown 25!

    1. JayP Avatar

      Nice. Old school.

  3. William Robinson Avatar
    William Robinson

    I did two of the pigs (08 Pontiac g5) wheels to see how well plastidip would last. The aluminum wheels where forked and I had to scuff the corrosion and what was left of the clear to get the stuff to stick. I have to say that the terrible winter has bashed the whole car pretty hard and the wheels where no exception. Plastidip held up decently well with only a bit on the lips flaking off. I was going to do the other two wheels but our shop burned before I got to do them.

  4. Krautwursten Avatar

    So where’s the Golf?

  5. nanoop Avatar

    I wish so much that they actually dip the entire car, front bumper first, into a super-size barrel… the same setup they should use for these:

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