vlv lede
The 18th annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is about to kick off at the Orleans Casino/Resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Rockabilly is the name of the game at this event. From the cars to the fashion to the music, it’s all rockabilly, all the time. This oddly specific event features a car show for strictly pre-1963 vehicles which must be done in the style of the era – no billet wheels or pro-touring cars allowed.

It would be a misnomer to call Viva a car show. The car show is great, with several hundred examples of vintage American Iron, dressed up in the style of the ’50s and ’60s, but the event is much more. With over 75 live bands scheduled, it’s at least as much a music festival as it is a car show. In addition, there are burlesque shows, pin-up contests, and even a ’50s pool party.
But Hooniverse is about the cars, right? We will be in attendance this weekend and we’ll be bringing you some highlights from this niche market show. Watch for posts late next week – after the hangover has worn off.
[Note: Images are screen grabs from the VLV website.]