V.I.S.I.T. – Eponymous Edition

If KY were a 7-character state, this might not be so perfect.

Avert your eyes from my pollen-encrusted hood and behold!  The mother of all personalized plates:  It says what it is.   It is what it says.   By default it becomes anything and everything you need or want it to be.  (And the car it’s attached too ain’t all bad, either.  In fact it’s downright appropriate).
I once watched with amusement as a police officer tried to decide if my ’97 T-bird Sport was blue or green.   I can only imagine the Abbott-and-Costello hilarity if he had to discuss this particular car.


  1. Caption:
    "I may not be the most imaginative person on this planite but at least I drive a BMW."
    Submitted by an E30 convertible driving hoon with a Florida plate reading "OL RG TP".

  2. i have heard stories of this plate… be it urban legend or not…. makes for a funny story. something along the lines of tickets being thrown out because the individual did have a plate and could prove it (though it was a vanity plate reading just that).. and the officer didn't put quotes around the phrase… or trying to call in the plate and finding no record/getting frustrated with dispatch/the computer system and just letting the people go…..
    good stuff… and good luck with that!

  3. I found out that "LOLVO" was taken, and suddenly I stopped caring about vanity plates.
    Maybe someday. For now, I rather enjoy the anonymity – and, well, I'm ridin' dirty without a front plate, even (which means I can largely tailgate with impunity).

  4. I still have my Ohio tags that say "SPD RSR". SPD RCR was already taken. I had them on my brand new (at the time) 93 Competition Yellow Mica Rx-7. Think I got pulled over much???

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